The Library provides resources and space for scholarly research to support the human, spiritual, intellectual and Pastoral formation of students in the Pacific Regional Seminary.
The first library was a classroom lined with bookshelves and it was situated in an old building in Hercules Street, Suva. The year was 1972. In June of 1973, the seminary was transferred from cramped Hercules Street to this lovely present site along Queen Elizabeth Drive, and the library and its contents began to grow gradually, but with no full-time librarian to organize the collection.
It is interesting to note that for a while part of this present library was once used as the first Chapel, so we feel t is quite special.
In 1982, Sr Loyola, s.m. joined the seminary staff as its first ever full-time librarian, and she managed to create order out of chaos (with the help of a Brother Jack), by organizing the collection according to the DDC System. The library continued to improve and to grow after Sr Loyola had to leave in 1986, under the supervision of Rev. Fr. Joseph Pusateri, s.m. Since then the library has always had the services of trained librarians who continued to make improvements along the way and today you can see the fruits of their labors when you enter the library.
Athena Library Software System For over a decade the Pacific Regional Seminary library used the Athena Library Software System. It was a very good system, easy to use, and sound and reliable, but for the past several years we were having problems with the backing up of records, and, with networking between the various library computers. Also, Athena was no longer being updated by the manufacturers. 
Koha Library Software System In early 2012 we were approached by Mr. Hans Arns with a proposal. He and Catholic Mission Australia had been discussing the adoption of a common open source library system for the use of seminary libraries, and had chosen Koha as being the ideal one. They were looking for a seminary library which could be used and set up as a demonstration, and Hans suggested using the PRS Library. After lots of correspondence back and forth it was agreed that it was a very good system and PRS eventually agreed to the changeover from Athena to Koha, using a hosting service provide by Prosentient Systems Australia. 
Sharing the Word The project for seminary libraries comes under the name, Sharing The Word and full information is available on the newly developed site: Sharing the Word Project came into being to answer the many problems faced by Catholic seminary libraries in the 21st century, especially in developing countries. These problems include isolation, poverty of resources, and a lack of funding and of trained library staff as well as the inability to make full use of the possibilities opened up by the Internet and access to digital resources. An initiative, sponsored by the Pontifical Society of St Peter the Apostle, is now under way to address these problems by bringing Catholic seminary libraries together into an alliance for sharing resources and knowledge and to make the most of limited financial means. To access our Koha library catalogue click on the following link: www.
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